FB: Support rape victim

Hideously, people have been circulating photos of a gang rape online. And once something’s online, it’s hard to control. Hideously also, people are online claiming that she was asking for it. And it’s all apparently gone hideously viral.


There’s now a Facebook group organised to show support for her. “Like” it here.

Description of the group:

I think it’s important that the 16 yr old girl who was -allegedly – drugged and sexually assaulted – gets some positive support from everyone out there who cares.

If you wish to give a message that gang rape is NOT OKAY, then say so here!

And that drugging somebody is NOT OKAY.

And that sexual assault of any sort is NOT OKAY.

Thanks for sending your support to this young woman and her family.

8 thoughts on “FB: Support rape victim

  1. What is this world coming to when people find this sort of video and attitude to be OK???? What has happened to the human race? aacchh…such despair….

  2. VILE. I haven’t been to Vancouver in 20 years, but I know it’s still a rough place for a Canadian city. If it’s anything like it was when I left, there will be more violence surrounding the incident. People who run after hours clubs and raves don’t like to lose money because a gang of little shit rapists can’t control themselves.

    Then again, the ethnicity of the property owners may suggest a different criminal dynamic. By that I mean criminal organizations have ethnic preferences. Certain groups will just not do business with certain groups, and they all have slightly different ideas about which behaviours are worth punishing with more violence. I’d still say that unless the raves were hosted by amateurs–and Sept. 3’s assault suggests that that’s not the case–some moderately to highly influential chemists are going to be pissed enough to do some damage.

    But that doesn’t help the girl. Poor thing’s younger than my daughter.

  3. I actually live in Vancouver, and this event happened in Pitt Meadows, which is in the Fraser Valley, sort of rural sort of suburb. The rave, unlike others in the area, was not licensed, and the RCMP was not aware it was occurring. The RCMP have been VERY proactive defending the victim and using public shaming as well as arrests to try to stop the publicizing of photos. The photos are being treated as child pornography, which is illegal both to possess and distribute. There have been two arrests that I know of. One an alleged rapist, the other a minor for distributing child pornography. Apparently, there is forensic evidence that will assist in prosecutions. In almost every interview, the RCMP make sure to hit the point that despite the appearance in some photos, this was not consensual. Any such appearance is an effect of the drug. The news media is participating in the public shaming part — making it very clear just how grossly offended people are. I will be very interested to see what the final outcomes are.

  4. The last article said Vancouver. Fraser Valley’s a different story. That area’s all families, including gay-bee boomers and retired people, right?Nice to see so much community support.

  5. Thanks for the update, Michel X.

    At the end of the article, the girl’s family state that they have been encouraged by the online messages of support.

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