Professor Sarah B. Hrdy

We’ve mentioned Profession Hrdy a few times on the blog – I know JJ has quoted her in some posts. But I’m just rereading Mother Nature in preparation for a class I’m teaching on evolutionary psychology, and I just thought I’d recommend it most highly to anyone who’s interested in biology and gender. Professor Hrdy is an anthropologist and primatologist who has made several major contributions in evolutionary psychology and sociobiology. A common theme in her work is the behaviour of female primates, particularly mothers. Her personal webpage can be accessed here. There is also a Wikipedia entry.

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  1. Yeah, thanks a lot for the Campbell link, David. (The link between digit-ratio and athletic accomplishment is intriguing to me, particularly in regard to women, as most female distance runners I’ve known tend to have the higher-T-indicative digit-ratios.) And there are lots of goodies on biology and sex/gender available at the Buss Lab. Also, these two audio interviews with Buss, an exchange with Dawkins, and a video of a presentation with his co-author on Why Women Have Sex. And the science of the booty call

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