A top-ten female athlete of the year retires

We remarked when she made the Associated Press’s list of the top ten female athletes.  So,  despite the fact that she’s a horse, it seems appropriate to notice her change now.  From the official statement by her owner:

As a 3-year-old, she set standards and records that no filly before her ever achieved. And I suspect it will be quite a while before a 3-year-old filly ever equals or surpasses her achievements. Although her fans were thrilled by a series of spectacular victories, I believe they, as we, were simply awed time and again by her sheer beauty, courage and athleticism

Plus, she had a photo layout in Vogue:

If you are wondering how Vogue managed to abstract her image from the full horsey details, you might be interested in this video of the shoot.

4 thoughts on “A top-ten female athlete of the year retires

  1. Belated and distressed thought: Is this horse image a product of photoshop? Isn’t doing that doubly unnatural?

  2. Horse nuttery overriding the intellectual here:

    It might be the angle the magazine is being held at while being photographed, but it really looks “off” in that image. Her body is much more narrow and her legs much longer, than a ‘normal’ horse, or than she looked in the video.

    Of course, she’s not a normal horse, she’s a dang near perfect horse. I hope she gets to do something more interesting in her retirement than just pop out foals, because at three she’s still a teenager and I would love to see what she could do once she’s fully mature physically and mentally.

  3. Oh — I was hoping the picture was not a real Vogue spread, but jj’s clever parody of the way fashion merchandisers photoshop already thin women to make them look skeletal.

    Guess not. :(

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