Men and the Normativity of Meaning

Wanna hear some men discuss the normativity of meaning? Well, you could be in luck, as the invited speakers for the Prague International Colloquium on the Normativity of Meaning are all blokes! The Colloquium is organized by the Department of Logic (part of the Institute of Philosophy) in the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. It takes place 25th-27th May 2011, in Villa Lanna, Prague, Czech Republic. The invited speakers (male) are:

  • Robert Brandom (Pittsburgh)
  • Michael Williams (Baltimore)
  • Christopher Gauker (Cincinnati)
  • James O’Shea (Dublin).

If you don’t understand this post, you might want to check out this page. Thanks to K.

Water on Oct. 15 for Blog Action Day

It’s almost time again for Blog Action Day, and this year, the topic, suggested by bloggers far more than any other, is Water.  Here at Feminist Philosophers I’ll be blogging about water and the disproportionate impact that the availability of water has on women worldwide.  Feel free to join our discussion or start your own on other blogs, especially those that don’t take part or seem aware of the lives of women!

Sometimes internet activity is just slacktivism, but other times, a number of people can accomplish a cultural shift in awareness.  Here’s hoping, anyway.