Open Positions at E-SWIP

Position 1: Coordinator of ESWIP Annual Spring Meeting
The Eastern Society for Women In Philosophy seeks a coordinator of the ESWIP Annual Spring Meeting.

Coordinator of the Annual Spring Meeting: Organize the ESWIP annual Spring meeting (usually occurs in March/April, but can be planned for anytime that suits the officers’ schedules). This includes establishing an ESWIP Program Committee (usually five members), distributing a call for papers, finding a conference location, finding a keynote speaker if applicable, collecting all of the submissions and passing them on to the program committee, and making local arrangements in regard to food, and audio-visual equipment.

Please contact lisarivera AT gmail for information or to nominate yourself or another person.

Position 2: ESWIP Junior Scholar and Graduate Support

Work with other SWIP divisions to get funding for a Junior Scholar Award. Each year ESWIP also runs a table for job candidates at the Eastern APA and asks senior scholars to volunteer to be there as support. Give this and other support for junior scholars and graduate students.

An advanced graduate student (dissertation writing stage) is eligible to fill this second position. Please consider nominating yourself or others (including your own graduate students). Please contact lisarivera AT gmail if you have questions or to nominate.

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