Conference: Under-represented Groups in Philosophy

Under-Represented Groups in Philosophy
A SWIP-UK / BPA Conference
Supported By: The Mind Association, The Aristotelian Society

Venue: Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Dates: November 26th & 27th 2010
Organisers: Dr Jules Holroyd, Dr Alessandra Tanesini, Professor Jennifer Saul

*Louise Antony (UMass, Amherst) Title TBC

*Helen Beebee (Birmingham University) ‘Women and deviance in philosophy’.

*Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, (Gallaudet University, Washington DC) ‘Triple Threat: Brown, Female, and Deaf’.

*Samantha Brennan, (University of Western Ontario) ‘Rethinking the Moral Significance of Micro-Inequities: The Case of Women in Philosophy’

*Pamela Hood (San Francisco State University) ‘Socrates and King: An Invitation to Philosophy’

*Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield) ‘Unconscious Influences and Women in Philosophy’

*Mahlet Zimeta (Roehampton University) ‘Philosophy and the Social Good’

*Roundtable discussion, chaired by Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (Nottingham University)

*SWIP-UK AGM meeting.

The conference will start at 10.30 on Friday 26th (first paper at 11am), and end on Saturday 27th at approximately 3.30pm. A detailed programme will later be available on the conference website.

Unwaged/student/SWIP member: £20
Waged: £25
Deposit for conference dinner: £5

The registration includes lunch and refreshments, but does not cover accommodation or the conference dinner (which will be reasonably priced). Accommodation venues can be found in the PDF document on the conference website. Further alternatives can be found at

NB: it is advisable to book accommodation as early as possible, as sporting events in the city mean accommodation is very hard to find unless bookings are made in good time. If you have difficulties finding suitable accommodation, please contact us as we will try to be of assistance.

To register, please send the tear-off slip below, with a cheque made payable to ‘Cardiff University’, to: Dr Jules Holroyd, Philosophy, Humanities Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff University, CF10 3EU.

Alternatively, a registration form (to be printed and sent) will be available from the conference website:

Further inquiries can be directed to the Cardiff-based organisers:
Jules Holroyd: HolroydJ[at]
Alessandra Tanesini: Tanesini[at]


Registration for Under-represented Groups in Philosophy, Cardiff University 26t/27th November.


Contact details (incl. email/phone):

Affiliation (if applicable):

Registration fee (includes lunches): £20 (unwaged/student/SWIP member)/£25 (waged)

Deposit for conference dinner (Fri night): £5

(please let us know of any dietary requirements):

Total: £

Accessibility requirements/reasonable accommodation requests:


The University has a limited number of childcare places available.

Please let us know if you would like us to try to make childcare arrangements(please let us know details: number of children, names, age):


4 thoughts on “Conference: Under-represented Groups in Philosophy

  1. It certainly looks fascinating. I hope the organizers are planning to make the papers widely available. (Isn’t Louise at UMass Amherst?)

  2. This conference program looks subversive in several respects. I especially appreciate the fact that the organizers have explicitly requested information about Accessibility Requirements. Few philosophy conferences, even feminist philosophy conferences, take this very practical and signficant step toward creating non-exclusionary academic and colleagial contexts.

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