Epistemic authority, Scientific Opinion: Man, oh Man!

First of all, I’ve decided to bring back the phrase, “Man, oh man.”  It’s been less popular since the seventies, and it’s so handy when looking at the keynote speakers on the following CFP.  Let me remind all my gentle readers that it’s possible women have been accepted, or women were invited who declined.  I’m a charitable cat who assumes the organizers tried really, really hard to have some diversity and gender balance on this program.  I’m just saying, Man, oh, man.

Second of all, those of you in philosophy of science who’d like the resulting conference to be more epistemically diverse, it’s possible to send something in ten days to counterbalance the all-male invitees.  I hear this new-fangled email thingy is instant, so you could, you really could send something off.

Final Call For Papers – Apologies for cross-posting

The Authority of Science 8-10 April 2011, University of Sydney, Australia
Abstracts due: 15th October 2010

4th Sydney-Tilburg conference on the philosophy of science

Tilburg Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science, University of Sydney, Australia

From climate change to the classification of illegal drugs, the extent to which scientific opinion should prevail over other voices in determining public policy is hotly contested.   What is it about the nature of science that confers epistemic authority on scientific opinion, and what are the scope and limits of that authority?
Keynote Speakers:

Sir Peter Gluckman FRS (Head, Centre for Human Evolution, Adaptation and Disease, Liggins Institute, University of Auckland and New Zealand Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor)
Christian List (Professor of Political Science and  Philosophy, London School of Economics) [also an associate editor of Episteme, btw-profbigk]
Prof. Theodore L. Brown (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Suitable subjects for submitted papers would include:

History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) perspectives
Epistemology of complex systems modelling
Epistemology of highly mediated observation
Philosophical foundations of statistics and decision theory
Epistemology of translational research
Integrating philosophy of science into scientific practice
Philosophy of science in science education

Please send 500 word abstracts in PDF to rodney.taveira@sydney.edu.au
by 15 October 2010.

4 thoughts on “Epistemic authority, Scientific Opinion: Man, oh Man!

  1. Have you written these people? I am pretty sure I remember their previous conferences were also up here, for the same reason….

  2. Wahine – Indeed.

    Also, I work on these sorts of issues and I’m not familiar with any of the keynote speakers. Either the organizers are reading very different journals from me or they had to go rather far down their list to find people who would go to Australia for a two-day conference in April. Which, now that I think about it, is really quite plausible.

  3. The part I really love is this: ” the extent to which scientific opinion should prevail over other voices…” Their conception of other voices seems interesting circumscribed. Who counts? Well…

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