Congratulations to beingawoman blog!

Usage statistics on “What is it Like to Be a Woman in Philosophy” are currently exceeding our own here at FP, and since Jender would never toot her own horn, I’m taking it upon myself to say, from the rest of us at FP, way to go with the  new blog, Jender!

Brian Leiter has moved his own announcement of beingawomaninphilosophy back to the front of the Leiter Reports, to make sure his own readers get a gander at it:

It makes for gripping reading, and more than one of the stories posted so far matches incidents I have heard about from students and colleagues elsewhere.  Hopefully once even more stories are recorded, someone or some organization (maybe the APA?) will undertake a systematic survey to find out how widespread such misconduct is using some of the recurring “types” of malfeasance recorded here as a benchmark.  In conjunction, it would be interesting to know how much of this kind of misconduct ever results in disciplinary action.

9 thoughts on “Congratulations to beingawoman blog!

  1. I think Brian Leiter has been extremely supportive by calling attention to the issue and in addition by supporting it with his own anecdote. As far as I can tell, he’s done more publicly (at least, online) to support women than any other senior male philosopher in the field.

  2. It is a great service, though a pretty depressing read. (Also, I’ve known a few of Leiter’s female former students, both in law and philosophy [though only the law ones very well], and they have all had nothing but good things to say about him as a teacher and supervisor. I don’t doubt at all that his support for women in philosophy and law is consistent, broad, and genuine.)

  3. Wait, are we talking about the same Brian Leiter who said, barely two years ago, that Hypatia was a `dubious inclusion[]’ on a list of high-quality philosophy journals, on the grounds that (a)`The best work in feminist philosophy … has surely appeared in many of the other A* journals, not in Hypatia‘, (b) an implicature that feminist philosophers (like political philosophers) are not philosophers, (c) `the feminist philosophers … obviously lobbied, successfully, to get their specialty journal[] into the same category with much broader (and generally better-established) philosophy journals’, and (d) anyone who disagrees `must have a dim view of the journals on the A list’?

  4. Folks, this is a congratulations post to Jender regarding the success of the blog on many dimensions. This is not a place to open up a debate on the differing positions of people with respect to Brian Leiter’s past observations.

    And yes, it’s the same personage.

  5. Mr. Hicks, as I’ve pointed out to him, has misrepresented my earlier comments; his (b), in particular, is a complete fabrication which he tries to rationalize by calling an “implicature.” I do not want to derail the actual purpose of this post, but I also do not want to let stand a scurrilous mischaracterization.

  6. I’m going to ask that everyone please refrain from any further discussion of our previous disagreements over a long-ago post from Brian Leiter. (That discussion became so horrendous I ended up deleting the whole thing.) I’d also like to ask that nobody set up any discussions over who is the most or least supportive male philosopher, or philosopher in general. That sort of thing is bound to generate a lot of nastiness.

    But I will take this opportunity to thank Brian for his supportive link.

    I *will* close this post to comments if it turns into a debate over Brian Leiter.

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