CFP: Conference on Gender and Climate Change

Call For Abstracts: Gender and Climate Change – Prato, Tuscany September
Gender and Climate Change is an international conference that will seek to
bring together the latest research in key areas of gender and climate
change, to highlight impacts of climate change on women, and to draw
together a body of knowledge for input into the 2011 United Nations
Framework Convention (COP 17) and the Earth Summit 2012.
The Conference Organisers – Gender Leadership and Social Sustainability
(GLASS) Research Unit at Monash University, Australia, in collaboration
with Worldwide Universities Network, Gender Justice and Global Climate
Change (G2C2) – aim to bring together researchers, advocates, and policy
makers, to form a coherent picture of the differential impacts of climate
change and to convey that knowledge in formats that assist in policy
development. The 2011 conference will highlight links to global poverty,
sustainability, policy, and change.
The complex couplings between human and natural systems that must be
understood to respond to climate change, demands a robustly multi- and
interdisciplinary approach to research. Furthermore, attention to the
differential gendered impacts and opportunities of climate change requires
a deeply intersectional approach in which the relevance of factors such as
class and race are considered alongside gender. For this reason, the theme
of this conference, recognizes the importance of engaging experts from
multiple disciplines and engaging local and indigenous knowledges to
address critical gender and climate change issues.
Strong partnerships among researchers, policy-makers, and community
stakeholders are essential for identifying and implementing promising,
sustainable solutions that are relevant to the people who are most
Abstracts should not exceed 250 words. We invite submission of abstracts
from 1st September 2010. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30
November 2010. Notification of acceptance of the abstract will be 28th
February 2011. Please submit online at
The official language of the conference is English. All abstracts should
be submitted and presentations delivered in English.
Abstracts should include the following:
Author/s details
Postal Address
Abstract Authors
Title of Paper

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  1. It is very good that this important the this international conference is coming off,i hope it will bring more insight to the climate change issues ,impacts to women and children around the world

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