Fathers happier when they do more domestic work

From The Guardian:

It will be music to the ears of working mothers everywhere: fathers are happier when they do more of the housework themselves, spend longer with their children and have working partners who are in the office just as long as they are, a major new study has found.

The best way to de-stress a father is for his partner to share the weight of domestic burdens with him, rather than ironing his socks, making his breakfast and taking the lion’s share of responsibility for the kids.

Researchers hope the interim findings from the study, called Work Life Balance: Working for Fathers?, will prompt employers to re-evaluate myths about work – so that women cease to have their careers blocked by bosses who assume they will be primary carers of children, and men are given more opportunity to change their work-life balance.

There’s also this fascinating tidbit, which does fit with what I’ve seen in student discussions:

The team also found evidence that social attitudes towards childcare are in a period of profound change: fewer fathers than mothers, for example, believe that it is a mother’s job to look after children.

Feminism is good for everybody, as so many have said so often.

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8 thoughts on “Fathers happier when they do more domestic work

  1. i wonder how much of the decrease in stress has to do with their partners not loathing them.

  2. i did say it because it was funny. but i also genuinely do wonder if that’s the explanation. men who contribute equally probably have a happier, more loving and contented home life.

  3. Ladies, if you want to have careers fine, I for one won’t stand in your way. But don’t try telling me, perhaps to forestall some guilt trip, that children are not better off during the day with their mothers, rather than in day care or even with their fathers or grandparents. Been there, done that. I have said it many times and I’ll say it again here: having mothers work outside the home is a failed social experiment for the simple reason that their children need to be with them. And not only is this arrangement better for children, it’s better for moms too, not to mention dads and society at large. Like I tell my own daughters, if you are going to be a mom, be a mom. It’s a full-time job in itself, the most important work on the planet, and vastly more fulfilling than anything a career can offer. Having said that, any father worth his salt can’t wait to get home from work, which is only a means to an end, not his raison d’ etre, to take the kids off mom’s hands, help around the house, and enjoy the meal his wife has waiting for him. Now that’s living.

  4. I think it will be best when neither the father or mother takes responsibility for the children, and both parents can devote all their time to being economically productive.

    Children should be taken into institutions and raised by people who know what they are doing.


  5. Wow!

    Though, of course, the interesting thing would be to see what happens when it is fathers and NOT mothers who do all the domestic and childcare work… Yes, yes, I know, I am being a little bit sadistic here. But it just somehow does not sound entirely right – “wow, we discovered that when we males do a little of domestic work, shared with our partners who still do a bigger share of it, it is not that bad after all”…

    Though, of course, even a little of “equalling up” is good anyway.

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