Precocious awareness of trans issues, or anatomical confusion?

Jender-Son told me this morning that some boys have vaginas. Unsure whether this was anatomical confusion or impressive awareness of trans issues, I went with “Yes, that’s true, but unfortunately many people don’t know it.”

5 thoughts on “Precocious awareness of trans issues, or anatomical confusion?

  1. I think he’s turning into a philosopher. “Nothing in the definition of “boy” precludes a boy having a vagina, so one may. I’ll ask mum!”

  2. You will, of course, understand that the first sentence in the quote above should be understood as occurring in the language of thought, not his acquired English.

    [snark, esp. since I’m not a fan of mentalese.]

  3. Excellent! (-: Now if you were a Freudian and Jender-Son had observed that some boys *want* vaginas, would this be taken as evidence of vagina envy?

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