“They were clearly men – they were not wearing skirts.”

From Old Reliable, BBC news

A Lancashire council which introduced gingerbread people to its primary school lunch menus is to rename them gingerbread men.

Lancashire County Council said staff brought in the politically correct term two years ago to amuse people, but the joke had been “lost in translation”.

A spokesman said gingerbread men would appear on new menus soon.

Preston MP Mark Hendrick said he was pleased the council had “reverted to common sense”.

“I thought daft political correctness had gone out of the window but obviously it’s still out there,” the Labour MP added.

“They were clearly men – they were not wearing skirts.”

Advice on applying to grad school?

Reader K writes:

This is really out of self-interest (though I’m sure there are other readers who would also appreciate this), but I was hoping that since it’s application season, you might open up a thread on graduate school? It would be fantastic to hear from people who read this blog ideas for what programs are friendly to women in philosophy, what programs are good places for those whose areas of interest include feminist philosophy, etc. There are suggestions on pasts posts, but this can change over time with retirements/hires/etc.

Unfortunately, my philosophy professors who have been giving me advice fall into two categories: “I can’t believe affirmative action didn’t get you into a grad program last year” and “Why don’t you study X area of philosophy instead?” so I’m a little short on help in this area.