“They were clearly men – they were not wearing skirts.”

From Old Reliable, BBC news

A Lancashire council which introduced gingerbread people to its primary school lunch menus is to rename them gingerbread men.

Lancashire County Council said staff brought in the politically correct term two years ago to amuse people, but the joke had been “lost in translation”.

A spokesman said gingerbread men would appear on new menus soon.

Preston MP Mark Hendrick said he was pleased the council had “reverted to common sense”.

“I thought daft political correctness had gone out of the window but obviously it’s still out there,” the Labour MP added.

“They were clearly men – they were not wearing skirts.”

10 thoughts on ““They were clearly men – they were not wearing skirts.”

  1. Short hair, dungarees, that smile … somehow I thought it was a polyamorous butch dyke switch trio. It’s their handkerchief code in their front pockets that gives them away.

  2. in his defence, he’s probably right that there are very few women who dip their bottom halves in chocolate, rather than wearing skirts.

  3. Introducing:

    Kilt-wearing Gingerbread Men.(“They’re clearly men — they’re wearing skirts.”)

    Gingerbread Women.

    Gingercake People (Intersex individuals)

    What a shame, someone in authority actually had a sense of humor.

  4. Of course, it could be that that the gingerbread women are just smart enough not to try to run, run, run as fast as they can in trousers and suspenders; even a running skirt makes more sense if you’re trying not to get eaten. You would never find Jackie Joyner-Kersee trying to sprint down the track in trousers and suspenders.

  5. Personally, I would have thought them to be gingerbread women as I rarely see women wearing skirts or dresses anymore.
    I often wonder if on any given day of the week if there aren’t more men secretly wearing skirts or dresses than there are women wearing them openly.
    It really doesn’t bother me who wears what. I think people should be free to like and enjoy wearing what makes them feel good about themselves.
    The last time I checked, wearing a skirt or dress didn’t change the plumbing I was born with.

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