How could one resist?

Royal Crown Derby has produced two procelain swans, one called Kate and the other William.  For 590 pounds (close to $900 USA).

The description says “female and male swan.” So the suggestion is that Kate is the figure on the left. I wonder.

And I just can’t wait to see what’s offered to us next to mark the engagement.

7 thoughts on “How could one resist?

  1. well, i certainly hope they’re planning fund the blasted wedding with sales of these. it makes me *very* angry that we apparently mustn’t use tax money for *higher education*, but may use it to pay for the lavish wedding of a couple of entitled little rich kids whose wedding (or other goings-on) don’t serve the people in the slightest.

  2. I was wondering if I should say something to that effect, elp. Canadians’ tax money still pays for royal figureheads and the odd parade. Not that MY tax dollars are funding anything. Living in a computer lab at school that I sneak into leaves me tax exempt. It would have been weird if you guys had started using EU currency. We would have been the only people in the world with your queen’s face on our money.

    $900…that’s first and last months’ rent.

  3. Those swans are revolting.

    Apparently the Royals are a good investment for the country though – bringing in far more than they cost. For example, they attract a lot of tourists, raise the country’s profile abroad, do a good job of promoting Britain and British business when they go on trips abroad etc.

  4. extendedlp: From what I understand the state will not be paying for the wedding. However, the state will have to pay for security which will be pretty expensive: all those VIP guests will need protecting from terrorists

  5. and from angry citizens lobbing porcelain swans (if, indeed, there is a god). good to know the state isn’t paying. (tho, if the fam are paying, isn’t that still tax money? or are they using chuckles’s organic jam money?)

  6. all the same, i’m still rooting for the swans to be used against them. it’s a long-shot, i know, but i have faith.

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