6 thoughts on “On a brighter note…Best onesie design ever

  1. I like it. And yet, people get offended when you say things like “It’s so cute”, or “wow, it sure likes applesauce” or whatever.

  2. Right… how do we say something about the baby without using a pronoun? I’d love some suggestions!

  3. just say ‘cutie baby’. eg. ‘cutie baby sure likes applesauce!’ nobody’s going to get upset about that. if you’re not in the mood to say things like ‘cutie baby’, i find that ‘your small human’ also gets enough of a laugh to get by just fine. (and if you have to have an extended conversation, simply ask what cutie baby’s name is.)

  4. I love it!

    Of course, we start enforcing gender stereotypes before babies are born. I imagine this blog has seen much good discussion of relevant matters. It always pains me when the first (really, almost always the first) question people ask when they hear about a new baby is whether it is a boy or a girl.

    I often call all babies beautiful. Some uses of the word “beauty” are associated with some gender stereotypes, though many uses are much broader than gender (beautiful landscape, beautiful vista, beautiful people, etc.). Cute and cutie are always good. My young niece is a real cutie.

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