A bit of the Macy’s Day parade.

Note, in case you noticed a change:  I got very tired of seeing the clips, and I assume others may have too.  So I’ve now put in links to them rather than having them in the post.


As probably most people know, today is a national holiday in the US, Thanksgiving Day.  There’s a large and elaborate parade in NY City.  Now, if one is going to be in the parade, here’s a great way to look, it seems to me:

This is Takashi Murakami, whose art figures are appearing for the first time in the parade.  He plans to go along with them; the picture was taken in some studio involved in putting his float together.

It’s hard to find much about him in the parade; there is a short clip here:

The characters are KaiKai and KiKi.  And here’s a short talk about his work.  It has adult content, I guess.  I don’t know quite what to make of the two figures that give it this content; I think one might take them to be quite witty portrayals of a number of dimensions to a Western of idea of gods and goddesses. 

So what’s feminist about this post?  Probably not much, certainly not more than the 2008 Thanksgiving video, the wild turkey waltz.  If you missed it, it is worth a look.