The Leaks

What to see what decades of US diplomacy looks like?   It’s out and about now.  What appears to be a long summary in the NY Times is here.  All sorts of other articles can be found by going to their front pages. 

The Times tells us that someone who is unnamed made the documents available to the Times and to some other news organizations.  It will be interesting to see who prints them, and indeed who can print them.  Will we even know if the British government invokes the Official Secrets Act?  (I don’t know if invocations of the act are also secrets, or short-term secrets.)

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  1. Wikileaks, Iran, and the US’s Arab Allies: What the Corporate Media Are Not Saying

    I noticed a similar bias (by omission) in Haleh Esfandiari’s account of the Women’s Movement in Iran (which is part of the “Iran Primer”), written by her but apparently produced by a Washington DC thinktank. Still, one interview with her on the situation in Iran is quite welcome, and her own, related story is very well worth reading. Here are the three most relevant links for anyone interested in this:

    Esfandiari’s (brief) inteview on Iran’s internal divisions:

    The Women’s Movement (in Iran) by Haleh Esfandiari

    My comment on Haleh Esfandiari, and some seemingly missing Iranian history:

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