Our own (U.K.) gender pressure valve

“Breaking away from established roles is difficult in a country with such a gender trap, says Rob Williams”

“The index measures how much childcare and housework is being done by men and women as well as 8 other indicators including equality in the workplace and the systems for parental leave in each country. It’s a broad, comprehensive and powerful analysis of gender equality in high income economies. And we are right down there at the bottom end in 18th place. The way we deal with families and work in the UK is highly gendered and, basically, unfair. This is both good and bad news for the government.”


Any comments on this and/or the fatherhood institute?


UK lags behind in new family fairness league table


UK freezes

Or so it seems:

More snow and freezing weather has delayed trains and closed schools, roads and airports. The government has ordered an urgent audit of the country’s snow-readiness in the face of the severe disruption

It seemed a bit of snow on the blog was an appropriate expression of sympathy and solidarity with our UK bloggers and readers.  It’s going to stop in a few hours; in the meantime, let us know if you find it annoying.