UK freezes

Or so it seems:

More snow and freezing weather has delayed trains and closed schools, roads and airports. The government has ordered an urgent audit of the country’s snow-readiness in the face of the severe disruption

It seemed a bit of snow on the blog was an appropriate expression of sympathy and solidarity with our UK bloggers and readers.  It’s going to stop in a few hours; in the meantime, let us know if you find it annoying.

15 thoughts on “UK freezes

  1. We have a lot of snow over here too. We always have a lot of snow. It usually starts in October and doesn’t stop till April. Back in early ’99 it snowed so hard and so long we had to get the army out to clear it all. The drifts were higher than my head!

    I like the blog snow. It’s festive. It’s putting me in the mood for some Yuletide celebrating. I think I’ll go check out Mr. Oak King, Harry Potter’s finale this week.

    To those of you in the UK who are holed up at home because of the weather, look at it as an unexpected chance to do cozy things with family. Start up an unused fireplace, watch a favourite old movie you haven’t seen in a while. Try baking a new recipe. Play dress up with the kids and the dog. Have some cocoa. Put some Bailey’s in it and make it an Irish cocoa, whatever keeps you warm. And enjoy the day off work :-)

  2. Like Xena, I found it made me feel more festive. I think maybe, though, we’ve had enough. Perhap it should go off after 24 hrs.

  3. I say keep it up too. It’s about 10 degrees fahrenheit where I am, and snowing. This way I can see lovely snow but still stay warm!

  4. Wow – really cool! (Although I’ve only just worked out what everyone was talking about :P)

    My dog loves the snow.

  5. Thanks for reminding me, Monkey. I have to get to Synaesthetik’s this weekend to see the kids. Our pets will probably love this too. Especially Oscar my Weiner (my cat). He’s pretty funny when he chases things on video screens. We sing the weiner song and the Meow Mix song together.

  6. I just saw someone pulling their kids to the store in a sled. Seems like a good mode of travel for folks who are snowed in if you can find someone willing to pull you.

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