Shining Hope for Communities

Shining Hope for Communities

“We combat intergenerational cycles of poverty and gender inequality by linking tuition-free schools for girls to essential social services in Kenya’s Kibera slum through a holistic, community-driven approach. By concretely linking essential health and economic services to a school for girls, we demonstrate that benefiting women benefits the whole community, cultivating a community ethos that makes women respected members of society.”

“Shining Hope for Communities believes in integrated and community-driven initiatives to combat extreme poverty. Our two-part approach places women at the center of community development. Our core program is the Kibera School for Girls, the first and only free school for girls in Kibera. Adjacent to the Kibera School for Girls is the Shining Hope Community Center, which houses initiatives that serve the entire community. Together, our projects address the most severe local deficits in education, health, sanitation, food security, literacy, and economic development.”

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  1. Shining Hope for Communities blog

    Local woman helping most vulnerable thousands of miles away

    The Kibera School for Girls and Shining Hope Community Center

    Shining Hope for Communities: The Kibera School for Girls
    [video and links from Wesleyan University]

  2. For some more links on the founding of this organization:

    Kennedy Odede

    Meet 2010 Do Something Award Winner Jessica Posner

    It was during her semester with SIT that Posner befriended Kennedy Odede, a community organizer who founded the Shining Hope for Community Foundation. Odede was born in Kibera and aspired to go to college, but did not have the means to do so. Posner encouraged Kennedy to apply to Wesleyan, which offered him a full scholarship. From the US, Posner and Odede developed an idea to start a school in Kibera for girls.

    Interview: Jessica Posner On Building The First Free School For Girls In A Kenyan Slum

  3. Match made in Kenya leads to Conn. campus ‘heaven’

    “…He started small, using 20 cents he had in pay from a factory job — the job paid $2 a day — to buy a soccer ball, and he started a soccer team to provide fun for youths in the slum and to keep them away from drugs. He also started a theater program; Posner, who has a theater background, originally came to work with him on that project.

    “Eventually, Odede wanted to focus on helping women and girls. He had noticed that many of the men sat around, played games or drank, while the women, like his mother, were the ones providing for children, toting water, earning money. Yet, he said, women had very little voice and less chance than men for schooling. That’s why the group eventually decided to build a school for girls that functions also as a portal for other services.

    The slogan for Shining Hope is, “We bring hope to women because through women, we bring hope to entire communities.”…,0,1230640,full.story

  4. Please check out if not support in one way or another this incredible organization (Shining Hope for Communities) and what it accomplishes every single day. More and more, my studies on promoting ethics / social justice, ending sexual oppression, reducing gender inequalities / discrimination, and empowering women focus more and more both on the actions and lives of individual people, and on local, grassroots organizations, the brave moral heros who found, run, and/or work at them, and people of moral courgage who support such organizations and their work. Sites of justice / ethics and moral action for sure, perhaps the most important ones.

    A place where girls matter

    Jessica Posner at Womensphere on Shining Hope for Communities

    more links in the original post and comments above…

  5. Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)

    The Kibera School for Girls

    Johanna Justin-Jinich Community Clinic

    Shining Hope For Communities Gives Kenyan Girls Access To Education, A New Life

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