And then they did the deed: UK student fees raise approved by narrow majority

Not that there was much hope, but still I feel stunned.

The bill does a lot more than raise fees.  For example, funding for arts and the humanities and funding to help poor child complete school are threatend or eliminated.  Do see comments for further details.



4 thoughts on “And then they did the deed: UK student fees raise approved by narrow majority

  1. I know. I am sitting behind my computer rather depressed.

    I also, for once, tried to participate in the political process; I wrote to my MP three times in the past few weeks (in addition to signing several petitions). I had a response late last night, and it was interesting: most of the email regurgitated publically available facts about the proposal, some of it gave irrelevant information or referred to future proposals that are not part of this one. Only one actual argument against the hike in fees was addressed – and it wasn’t the crucial one.

    I have written back asking that she actually addresses the arguments I gave against the hike in fees. But I am unlikely to ever hear about it again – besides the thing has passed.

    I think I am going to bed and cry.

  2. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that this goes in hand-in-hand with a massive reduction in government funding to universities (circa 80%), with the greatest reduction falling on the Arts & Humanities. The government has rather enjoyed the fact that focus has switched to the fees (although obviously wishing people wouldn’t protest about that either), while the damaging cuts to Higher Education have dropped off many people’s radar.

  3. I agree with Paul. It’s also very important that the Education Maintenance Allowance has been cut. This was an allowance given to ow-income kids to keep them in school after 16, and it made a huge difference in getting low income kids into university.

  4. Wahine, just after I posted this I read that the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell failed. There are some really bad things going on.

    Jender and Paul, I agree totally and altered the post to iindicate your points.

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