4 thoughts on “Sakine is free!

  1. Excellent news. I signed 3 different petitions for her. Her advocacy group kept emailing me, and I had no problem with that much persistence. I think their signatures were in the tens (hundreds?) of thousands.

    Kudos to them. Maybe they’ll manage to convince the Iranian gvt. to change that horrible law someday, so no other woman will have to suffer that kind of shameful imprisonment and fear for her life.

  2. Iran state television denies reports of woman sentenced to stoning’s release


    Iran denies freeing woman sentenced to death

    …”Iran has temporarily suspended the stoning verdict and suggested Ashtiani might be hanged instead.”


    Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani ‘at home’ pictures trigger confusion over her fate


    Interested readers can find additional links related to Sakineh, women in Iran, and stoning in the comments for the post at the link below:


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