feminist philosophy and e-books

As a fan of the kindle, I’ve been disappointed time and again in looking for books by feminist philosophers for the kindle.   Yesterday when I was looking for a book on Google, I saw that it now has around 3 million e-texts.  I did a search for two books by feminist philosophers which weren’t on the Amazon kindle site.  They are now in e-text form at Google!!   I don’t know if they are available in countries other than the USA.  (It looks as though they aren’t; see comment #1.)

Academic titles on kindle can cost many more times than the ordinary $9.99 price for an e-text.  This appears to be true on Google also, though ordinary books are the same as kindle or even less. I don’t know anything about the quality of a Google text. 

If you know anything more, please tell us!

4 thoughts on “feminist philosophy and e-books

  1. It’s funny you raise this, because I just noticed yesterday that Claudia Card’s Atrocitiy Paradigm is available for Kindle at twice the usual e-book cost (i.e., AP cost $23, vs the $10 for most Kindle books), but still that is nearly half the cost of the hard copy cost (the paperback costs $40).

    Sadly, when I go to Google books, they explain that Google ebooks are currently only available to US residents. So the quality of Google ebooks remains mysterious to me.

  2. profbigk, I was hoping that google would be more international, but it isn’t. Kindle is also far from perfectly international. When I was in England this fall I madly searched amazon.co.uk for titles I can’t download in the States – mostly mysteries, I have to say.

  3. I downloaded some free and some nonfree google eBooks. I read them on my NOOKcolor. They were wonderfully produced, _not_ just pdf scans. At least on the ones I tried, the text is clear and you can change the font size to whatever you like best.

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