NYT: The US Senate supports injustice

UK academics who are feeling battered by Parliament are herewith invited to indulge in the pleasures of schadenfreude:

From the NY Times:

The Senate Stands for Injustice

On one of the most shameful days in the modern history of the Senate, the Republican minority on Thursday prevented a vote to allow gay and lesbian soldiers to serve openly in the military of the United States…

The filibuster on $7.4 billion in medical care and compensation for the workers at ground zero will be harrowing for the tens of thousands who labored tirelessly for weeks and eventually had to seek care under a patchwork of temporary medical and research programs in the city. These police, firefighters and waves of citizen volunteers need ongoing care for illnesses being traced to the toxic fumes, dust and smoke at ground zero.

Healthcare for the 9/11 workers at ground zero now turns out to be too expensive.  Tax cut for the super wealthy?  Not so much.