Request for Contributions to Women Philosophers’ E-Journal

As the Women Philosophers’ e-Journal, Issue 1 (January 2011) is being finalized, we would highly appreciate your contributing, in English or French, to the following headings of the Journal:

“Events”: Announcement of events that are relevant to the Network. This Issue will announce events that are foreseen to take place between January and June 2011. Critical reviews of these events could be done by the members of the Network in the next Issue. Members can also publish a critical review of an event that recently took place in the last few months;

“Publications”: Titles of books or articles published in the year and related to the various aspects of women, with a brief presentation of their author and content. Critical reviews of these new publications can also be done for the next Issue;

“Information”: Announcements of fellowships, education programmes, internships, exchanges of experiences, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Best regards,

Phinith Chanthalangsy

Philosophy and Democracy Section