GLBT Presidents in Higher Ed

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

A small but growing group of openly gay and lesbian college presidents will make its official debut at a March meeting of the American Council on Education. But the group publicly introduced itself on Friday with a Web video, which features several of its members and their partners.

And the video from youtube:

4 thoughts on “GLBT Presidents in Higher Ed

  1. Great! The time will come when gay and lesbian people will not have to ‘team up’ and form special groups like this one (when it would be like people teaming up on the basis of hair color or musical tastes), but until then, initiatives such as this one are very, very welcome.

  2. My partner is in grad school and has attended TWO of the schools mentioned here, led by two of these presidents. What a joyous difference from when I attended grad and undergrad schools, some years ago. A video like this would only have been some kind of joke. This is so cool!

  3. Visitor, I agree. I think Catarina makes a good point. Given where we are now, this is great!

    With DADT repealed, we actually can hope a bit.

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