One thought on “Lesbians earn more than straight women

  1. Interesting stats…But there’s a great book called How to Lie With Statistics that everyone should read….I wasn’t able to access the full article, so I’m not sure what kind of control group they were using. It did state that stats were geared for women with children, and who were previously married, and even the previously married lesbians still earned more than their hetero counterparts…Interesting.

    I’m with the poster who said that a lot of lesbians don’t have the “pregnancy gap” that a lot of their straight counterparts do, and that many lesbians work longer hours than straight women. They also didn’t state what the age of the participants was–a lot of lesbians, it seems, are older and more established in their careers when they come out. Plus it doesn’t say much about education level or career choices of the participants.

    But it’s still food for thought.

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