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Brian Leiter has put up a series of posts that separates out interviews, travel and sessions.  It’s a good place to check for information and/or to post it, queries, etc.

Everyone remains very welcome to post here.  Thanks to all who have so far.

Rats! Someone I was looking forward to seeing just wrote to say he won’t make it to Boston. Apparently the flights from Atlanta to Boston are cancelled until Tues.

I just checked my local airport. Though the airport says that flights are subject to a 15 minute delay, it omits telling one about the flights that are not taking off at all. I did find out that all the continental flights to Boston after the 1:17 pm one are cancelled.

The Boston Globe talks about hundreds of flight cancellations. has information about flights; you need just to know the carrier and where it is leaving from. The APA site has the same announcement about the office being closed for the meeting.

If you have any information about what people are doing about interviews, sessions missing speakers and so on, do let us know. You are also most welcome to moan about missed meetings, hours in airports, panics about interviews and so on.

8 thoughts on “Sharing information about the APA

  1. Pretty much everyone I know who was planning on being at the apa, including me, is shut out and bailing. I feel really bad for the stressed out job applicants. The mix of missed interviews, mad scrambles to get to Boston only to find the interview committee never made it, etc., is going to be an epic mess.

  2. At least two speakers can’t make it to “Is the Climate any Warmer for Women in Philosophy?” (Tuesday 9.00 am). But even if some of us are shut out by the literal, if not metaphorical, cold, this time, others are definitely planning to be there, and we’re looking forward to an interesting session.

  3. Rebecca and Rae, thanks so much for the info. I think there are some great sessions with women philosophers in them. There’s one author meets critics session I especially regretted missing, but I think Rebecca’s comment suggests it might not be quite as planned.

    I do feel especially unhappy for/about the job candidates. Maybe this episode will lead those who decide to rethink the Xmas meeting which is, at best, unsatisfactory for so many.

  4. I’m on the market, and will supposedly be flying into Boston late tonight. says that airlines will resume service into Logan this afternoon, but I’ve been unable to contact my airline by phone to verify this–attempts to do so have resulted in disconnections and recordings indicating that my wait time for an agent is over an hour. There is, of course, the online confirmation system, but I’m pretty dubious on its reliability, since there’s been almost as little updated information on their site as on the APA’s.

    One of the departments I’m interviewing with has emailed to ask me to let them know if I can’t make it because of the weather, but I haven’t yet heard from any of the others–and since they’re all ALSO in the snow belt, I’m hoping that they manage to make it. I really can’t believe that the APA can’t put some sort of information together on its website. It would be nice to know whether everything is going to go forward as scheduled before I head to the airport to possibly strand myself in the city of my connecting flight.

  5. I was trying to make it out this morning to Boston, but my flight was also canceled, and without going to the desk myself, cannot get through to anyone on the phone. I think all flights for the day were canceled. Alas, I will be foregoing the trip, altogether.

  6. The session on Belief and Other Attitudes (Speakers: Richard Holton and Tamar Gendler; Commentator: Lynne Rudder Baker; Chair: Cheryl Chen), scheduled for tonight (Dec 27th) at 6:30pm has — alas — been canceled, since neither Tamar nor Lynne can make it to Boston today.

  7. The Feminism & Language session, Wed 12/29, with Mary Kate McGowan, Rebecca Kukla, and Lynne Tirrell is still happening. Rebecca won’t make it, but we have her paper, and Mary Kate is not commenting but is giving a paper of her own, as we planned all along (since June). So 2/3 of us will be physically present, and we’ll present Rebecca’s paper too. Should be fun, so feminist philosophers should join us if you have time. Wed 12/29 9:00am.
    Mary Kate McGowan: “On SIlencing and Sincerity”
    Lynne Tirrell: “Authority and Gender: Flipping the F-Switch”
    Rebecca Kukla: “Performative Force and Discursive Injustice”

  8. The Foucault Circle Session has also been cancelled, as none of the presenters could make it to Boston.

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