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Is your car insufficiently feminine? December 28, 2010

Filed under: gendered products,J-Bro's Finds — Jender @ 5:40 pm

Then get it some car lashes.

Thanks, J-Bro!


5 Responses to “Is your car insufficiently feminine?”

  1. j Says:

    well……I *have* seen pick-ups with “cojones” hanging from the trailer hitch….

  2. Good point, j. Lashes are much better looking and don’t offend anyone. Except maybe carmakers who are marketing their products to a masculine demographic.

  3. zhav Says:

    Seriously who needs or wants cars to be gender specific… macho machines with cajones… girly cars with lashes… it kind of perpetuates the usual dumb notions. There is a woman who drives around Toronto with a pinkish car bristling with Barbie dolls. She presumably used some sort of industrial strength superglue to affix the Barbies to her vehicle then sprayed them with an all-weather guard. Rather than looking fem or cute, it comes off as seriously creepy, kind of like a voodoo shrine on wheels.

    A regular car-car will do just fine thanks.

  4. J-Bro Says:

    Hell, put them both on and strike a blow for intersex cars.

  5. j Says:

    Good plan, J-Bro! Confuse the heck out of everybody!

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