9 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat thinks eating birds is wrong.

  1. Sorry to spoil the fun but this is obviously a trucage: the editor used super-imposition. The quality and grain of the image of the cat and of the birds is very different.
    That said: I have lived with a cat and a budgie and the budgie would attack my cat and even ride its back without the cat doing anything to it. I don’t have footage, unfortunately, just fond memories…

  2. Cf, it is nice when nature is color coordinated.

    Christine, your knowing what “trucage” means gives your remark a lot of credibility. Still I looked carefull and blew the pictures up. I didn’t see the difference when they’re enlarged. In addition, the cat certainly is looking at some group of moving, tasty objects.

    I wrote the people who did it, who is a professional. I invited him to addreess the question, and perhaps he will.

  3. The birds look biggish compared to the cat given the relative distance between them. If I was Felix I would prolly hang back too… plus some of those beaks look serious. More likely though the cat has taken a run at them before and discovered they are speedy escape artists, and so is desperately trying to figure out a way to wriggle a few strategic inches closer before attempting the attack. Cats have an uncanny ability to suss out the variables presented by distance and speed when it comes to a successful strike. And unlike a lot of humans, they don’t waste energy.

  4. Paul (if I may), thanks so much for stopping by with your reassuring comments.

    Do you know why Catherine seems so, well, restrained for a cat?

  5. As far as I can see, the cat is dying to have a go at the birds but seems to know that it isn’t close enough. The magpies also seem to be well aware of the cat’s intentions, so when the cat makes even the smallest move (like at 1.10) they fly away. I have had similar scenes with one of my older cats(who looks just like Cathrine!), for some reason, magpies seem to enjoy going as close as they can and then flying away when the cats tries to go after them.

  6. I don’t know why the Cat has behaved in that way but i do know that that particular group of Magpies will harass the Foxes in the area by swooping in and trying to peck at the Foxes. They also do the same with the Dogs in the area.

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