Gendered conference campaign letter


I’m one of the bloggers at Feminist Philosophers, and I’m writing to
let you know that your conference has been added to our Gendered
Conference Campaign. Here’s a little bit of information about the
campaign: “The Gendered Conference Campaign aims to raise awareness of
the prevalence of all-male conferences (and volumes, and summer
schools), of the harm that they do. We make no claims whatsoever about
the causes of such conferences: our focus is on their existence and
effects. We are therefore not in the business of blaming conference
organisers, and not interested (here, anyway) in discussions of
blameworthiness. Instead, we are interested in drawing attention to
this systematic phenomenon.”

You’ll find more here:,
and the post about your conference is here:
[insert url here].

I’d like to emphasise once again that we are making no claims about
how your conference came to have an all-male list of invited speakers.
We are not blaming you for this. We’re interested in it simply as
part of a widespread, systematic phenomenon with bad effects, to
which we are calling attention.

Best wishes,