Feminist friendly journals?

A few times recently, in different contexts, the question of which journals are friendly to feminist work has come up. It seems to me that it might be useful for readers to leave some suggestions in comments, preferably covering feminist work in as broad a range of areas as possible.

5 thoughts on “Feminist friendly journals?

  1. For an excellent general journal in philosophy, I’m happy to suggest the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. I’m a former editor who saw several feminist papers through the refereeing process. I will point out that CJP’s reviewing process is anonymous even to the editors, until the point at which you are selecting referees, having decided that the paper merits being sent to referees. In the old days the author’s name came in an envelope only to be opened after you decided whether the paper went to referees, later in a separate email.

    There are several feminist philosophers among CJP’s editors. Here is the current list:
    Robert Batterman
    University of Western Ontario
    Sam Black
    Simon Fraser University
    Bryson Brown
    University of Lethbridge
    Lorne Falkenstein
    University of Western Ontario
    Bruce Hunter
    University of Alberta
    David Hunter
    Ryerson University
    Michael Hymers
    Dalhousie University
    Colin Macleod
    University of Victoria
    Cheryl Misak
    University of Toronto
    Patrick Rysiew
    University of Victoria
    Amy Schmitter
    University of Alberta
    William Seager
    University of Toronto
    Sarah Stroud
    McGill University
    Christine Tappolet
    Université de Montréa

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