Molestation’s effects

This is very sad.  A graduate student at Princeton died on Jan. 5th after an apparent suicide attempt.  He left a long letter about the misery in his life that, he says, resulted from repeated molestation as a child.  I won’t quote from the letter; it says he doesn’t mind its being published, but it should be published as a whole. 

It seems to me that it is a convincing document of the legacy of very severe child abuse.  A whole life can seem as though it is about the abuse.  It is also profoundly sad and disturbing.

I’m posting a link to the letter because I think it is a valuable document to think about if you care about protecting children.

3 thoughts on “Molestation’s effects

  1. I think this letter will help a lot of people realize that they aren’t alone in experiencing overwhelming residual effects from similar traumas.

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