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  1. “Oh golly gee whiz – that’s only just political rhetoric – its just playing the game of politics and political debate – it doesn’t mean what you think it does…doesn’t mean what it says….” Puhleeze! We aren’t stupid! We can infer the meaning….

  2. There’s a web site where you can buy a whole bunch of “liberal hunting license” themed gear- including onesies for your baby. Disgusting.

  3. I wonder what will happen with the incitement to violence laws. Maybe we could apply them once to twice to these awful things?

  4. The folks who have pushed back on this issue have mostly focused on the point that the individual might not have been directly motivated by specific violent speech. But the broader environment that is created by stuff like this is really frightening, and has to be warping what people take to be appropriate everyday action.

  5. Right you are Matt! Frightening indeed. It was only a matter of time before this awful thing happened. I knew it would, somewhere, some time, to some body. The poison is out there, being sucked up by unstable people, who in turn are being used by the spewers of this hateful violent talk.

    JJ- I too wonder where on earth the incitement to violence laws have gone….nobody mentions them….. Are there any legal eagles out there who can enlighten us on existing laws against inciting to do violence (or however it should be phrased)?

  6. Jonathan, it can be bought at the Patriot Shop, which is a division of “The Patriot Post.” A look here at its endorsements gives one an idea of its political support. Of course, saying one endorses something like this ezine does not mean one endorses everything it does, but it isn’t as though it has just momentary slips into right wing radicalism. And I doubt those endorsing have strong records in opposing the violent speech.

  7. On looking at this, I was reminded of the times when one laments that just about anybody, often with little grasp of health and psychological needs, can have a child. Similarly, people putting out this stuff and claiming it doesn’t lead to violence in those who do not actually see it seem to claim for themselves a staggering incompetence. They claim a complete failure of understanding of propaganda, which they otherwise seem to understand very well indeed. It’s a bit like “well, I thought starving the child would just teach him a lesson.”

  8. These wannabe cowboy conservatives are such sissies, so insulated from real machismo and its consequences, that they just don’t get it. They’re kindergarten kids posturing with cap guns. They’re so insulated from the real world of violence and pain that they don’t realize that their rhetoric can do real damage

  9. One of my best friends at school in the early years of university started to suffer from somthing that I think is similar to what Jared has. over a few years he went from being quite bright (about 120 ir so IQ from what he told me although he was always prone to exageration and attention seeking) to being quite difficult to make sense of in a similar way to Jared’s you tube.

    In particular he would like to mis-use philosophy or science or whatever to make obviously illogical arguments and would expect you to be stunned by their brillience. Mostly I’d just humor him… they weren’t dangerous usually.

    The important thing for this context was that he was very eager to see connections between things, eager to see doing certain things as the solution to all problems, and was very easy to influence. I.e. you would just have to put forward an argument about how two things were related and he would, I suppose, be unable to properly apply critical thinking to it.

    The other thing was that while he had fits where he might have been violent (before he became toasted on anti depressants) he couldn’t get his hands on a gun in my country so i never had that sort of fear…

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