lowering the outrageous cost of textbooks

This article has a long list of sites that try to help students.

I’ve tried to avoid text books.  I think that one can put published material on a user-restricted site.  In any case, I’m about to scan some text and put it up in Blackboard for students.

Last I heard, my university signed an agreement with Barnes and Noble that no only made them the university’s book store, but also prohibited faculty from telling students about other sources of books.  Not that anyone is going to pay any attention to that.  I mean, you know faculty.

Exclusive breastfeeding till six months now bad, not good

Oh, wait? Did we say it was good? What’s that? Mandatory? Did we make you feel horribly guilty and tell you that you were ruining your child’s life if you didn’t exclusively breastfeed for six months? Oops. Sorry about that. Turns out to be kind of the opposite. New mothers: you MUST give babies solids at four months.

Come on, folks, how about a bit of epistemic humility in discussing these issues? Nah, that would involve complexity and we all know mothers’ brains can’t cope with that. Must keep messages simple and dogmatic.