Memorial for Philippa Foot

Symposium on Moral Philosophy,
 to honour the memory of Philippa Foot, F.B.A.,
died 3 October 2010.

Dates Friday 18th March and morning of Saturday 19th March 2011

Venue Somerville College, Oxford, U.K. OX2 6HD.

Papers will be given by

Sarah Broadie, University of St Andrews (title to follow)

Anthony Kenny, University of Oxford (title: Morality, Law and Virtue)

Gavin Lawrence, UCLA (title: The Deep and the Shallow)

Anselm Müller, formerly University of Trier (title: Can Virtue be Taught?)

Michael Thompson, University of Pittsburgh (title to follow)

Ralph Wedgwood, Merton College, Oxford (title: Intention and Outcome: Defending Double Effect)

Those wishing to attend should register with the organiser, . There is no conference fee, and a sandwich lunch on Friday will be available free of charge for those who have registered.
If you wish to attend the conference dinner on Friday 18th March at a cost of approx £25, please book a place by Friday 11th March, mentioning any dietary requirements. 
There will be three sessions: Friday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning.

Accommodation in Somerville College is available at £48 per night bed and breakfast, and may be booked by emailing Please mention that you will be attending the Moral Philosophy symposium

 Saturday 19th March memorial occasion in memory of Philippa Foot, 2.30 pm

This will be held in the Dining Hall of Somerville College, and all friends, colleagues, former pupils and anyone who wishes to attend are welcome. Tea will be served afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Memorial for Philippa Foot

  1. I just find it ironic that a tribute to this trailblazing woman, that out of six speakers there is only one woman. Couldn’t help but notice.

  2. It’s not hard to think of several women well acquainted with and influenced by Foot, and excellent philosophers. Maybe they were all busy. (Just to say that neither this comment nor those above is supposed to insult the speakers invited — I’ve been on a similarly oddly gendered roster myself, which was criticized on this site (I think) and rightly so).

  3. Harry, thanks for your comment. I think there probably were a couple of factors operating. One was the time frame. It’s very hard to organize even a small conference with only 5 and a half months lead time. If one wanted to ask senior philosophers, the problem would be worse. Finally, some of her senior and fairly established former students do not do moral philosophy.

    In addition, one of the most obvious invitees has decided not to travel any more for the indefinite future.

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