Catching up on calcium

As we wrote last fall,  one of the serious health science agencies announced that almost everyone gets enough calcium and vitamin D; supplements, on the other hand, can be hazardous.  Given their idea of “almost” was in the high 90’s percentile, it all seemed to me surreal.  Postmenopausal women have serious bone health concerns, and they don’t form a nice 4% or so of the population.   It turns out in fact that ‘elderly’ men have the same problem, so we are far from talking “almost everyone.”

I doubt there’s any health science journalist I’d trust completely these days, but Jane Brody of the New York Times has an excellent record.  Furthermore, she’s sort it all out.  Thank goodness!

The bottom line is that a lot of women may well need supplements.  Do see what she has to say.

And by the way, do also know that sun screen with an SPF of 8 or more blocks out ALL absorption of vitamin D?

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