8 thoughts on “Maternity Spanx.

  1. Noooooooooo! The “up” side of being pregnant is wearing low comfy shoes and loose clothing and just letting it all hang out!!!

  2. I’ve actually never quite gotten the uproar over this. At that point of heavy pregnancy, especially if you already have to be dressed professionally with pantyhose and everything, the support would be amazing. Anybody I know who is or has been pregnant says these would have been fantastic, especially as spanx tend to be sturdier than other kinds of pantyhose.

  3. I’m with Anna on this – I wore support hose with my last pregnancy (twins) and there’s been pregnancy support briefs for years before Spanx was ever around. All of it granny style and ugly. So a perky butt is the side effect ? Perhaps if the product wasn’t so sexualized, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

    And who’s to say a pregnant woman can’t be, or isn’t sexy, despite what’s on underneath?

  4. Pantyhose, stiletto heels, and girdle-flattened perky butts are not required in order to be a “professional”.

  5. Wow…
    At 37 weeks pregnant, I cannot stand anything tight that might cut off my blood stream. I swell a bit as the day goes on, and seriously cannot imagine wearing anything like this.

    I’ve just bought tights and pantyhose in a larger size and been quite comfortable and stylish. I still look professional, feel sexy and feel comfortable,

    THAT’s a 3-in-1 win.

  6. Hmm… I just assumed whitters’s and j’s view. but given the differences between women on everything else, it makes sense that some women might find it comfy i guess.

  7. If people want to wear them because they are comfortable, that’s great! What bothers me is the suggestion that a pregnant woman’s body needs improving.

  8. whitters comment leads me to wonder about health concerns. I’m not sure one’s supposed to wear constricting clothing if one has high blood pressure, which can be such a problem in pregnancy.

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