Boys’ clothing

Some interesting discussions of clothing marketed to boys here. Many of the designs criticised as violent and disturbing feature skulls, and I really quite like skulls, so I was finding the examples unpersuasive (although I do agree with the claim). But the post then does a nice job of comparing these with skulls marketed to girls, which are indeed less aggressive-looking. I liked the next post even better, though: The Brat. It’s amazing how much boys’ clothing works on the assumption that boys will misbehave and that this is cute. Via the always-excellent F-Word.

7 thoughts on “Boys’ clothing

  1. Really interesting post. My wonderful 9-year-old son has long insisted on wearing solid colors and eschewing patterned lunch boxes and all that sort of thing. He told me a year ago that stuff made for girls is ‘sappy’ and stuff made for boys is ‘mean’, and that he prefers things that are ‘in the middle between being boy stuff and girl stuff’.

  2. Jender, I so wish I had known how you feel about skulls. They’re a big thing in Alexander McQueen’s line for this year. Harrods might have some on sale?

    McQueen Scarf

  3. Thanks for sharing my post! Jender, you are the second person to say she likes skulls and is okay with them on kids’ clothing. I find them rather frightening and rather too Dawn of the Dead-ish for children. The contrast with girls’ clothing is especially irksome, which is why I think these images are intended to say something specific about boys–they’re tough and strong and unafraid i.e.not girly because, of course, being even remotely feminine is bad for boys.

    Great feedback. Thanks!

  4. They must have sold out– but it’s available on ebay for far less anyhow. I must say, I quite like the ring!

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