Domestic violence victim’s compensation cut because she was “conditioned” to it

Domestic violence experts fear a court ruling that slashed a battered woman’s compensation payment because she was “conditioned” to domestic violence by her husband will deter other victims from taking legal action.
Diane Mangan, chief executive of the 24-hour helpline DV Connect, said the decision to reduce the payout because of the woman’s predisposition to mental stress from previous domestic violence only served to “diminish” her traumatic experience.

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Query from Reader

Query from a reader in the UK (where, as they allude to, there are actually close to equal numbers at the undergraduate level):

In all areas of philosophy above the undergraduate student level there is a gender imbalance. But in certain areas there is a huge gender imbalance. I am trying to organise workshops in the areas of experimental philosophy and contrastive explanation. We are seriously short of female philosophers who could participate. This is particularly awkward in Europe as the European Science Foundation requires 33 per cent of participants in their workshops to be ‘of either gender’. That does strike me as a very modest requirement. But it is a tough one to meet! Anyone out there who could help us to secure more balanced participation at such an event?

My first suggestion would be to contact some of the women who write for the experimental philosophy blog, here. But I don’t have any helpful thoughts about contrastive explanation.

Another thought: good for the EU, caring and doing something about gender balance!!

Any suggestions to help our reader?

The Sunday cat is completely shocked!

I can has cheezburger has brought in supporting funds of 30 million dollars!  And all it does it make fun of cats.  Here’s the story; actually, it’s the whole network that has scored.  The network includes tons of blogs, which amount to an empire.  Still….

I can has cheezburger is also a channel on youtube.  Having discovered it, we want to share with you another visual metaphor for a philosophical discussion: