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  1. O good! I love the imagination behind it. On youtube someone from the group says it just took them a few days.

  2. Fantastic? I don’t think so. The depiction of a mouse running on a treadmill to the words of “Psycho, crazy ass mice” is offensive, stigmatizing, disabling, fosters misunderstanding and prejudice. Given the increasing surveillance of students identified as “mentally ill,” academics should be more careful about promulgating these sorts of derogatory depictions. Check out this article:


    And the issue of animal experimentation is not a laughing matter to some of us.

  3. Shelley, we radically disagree about how to interpret this clip. I don’t think any of it is presented as a laughing matter. It isn’t that kind of “ha-ha” that we’re supposed to have.

    I don’t have the time to consider your comments about the use of a p hrase re the mouse. I will point out that the clip is deeply informed by a non-western culture that inmy experience has a very different sense about verynegative cliche’s. It might be a questionable to interpret it entirely withinour framework.

    I was in factvery worried about a euro-centric approach to it, and the first phrase of my response to jender was one of relief.

  4. If I may share my personal experience on this…

    At first I narrow-mindedly dismissed this clip, hypocritically judging by its cover (which I criticize others for doing in other contexts.).

    However, after reading the preceding comments I decided to check it out, and I love it.

    Although I agree we need to take the concerns expressed in comment number 3 very seriously, I agree with jj and presumably others that those concerns do not apply here. The clip is a mildly brilliant, or at least thoughtful satire/imaginative depiction of exactly what it states/addresses – and I imagine many people can relate, identify, understand, and/or commiserate. I confess that my narrow mind still does not understand jj’s (always astute) comments here about different cultures, though perhaps I will before too long. In any case, I now appreciate this post (as in really like it and intend to email it to certain friends) and know many people who would as well.

    Thanks jj!

  5. I love this and have forwarded to friends. I imagine most graduate students in most disciplines, at some point identify with the emotions expressed in this song.

    I have to admit I found it quite moving – how often do people sing about the travails of academia?!

    Perhaps we could do a philosophical version:

    ‘I need good reasons
    A paper in Mind
    And I know I’m running out of time…’

  6. The clip below has made many rounds across the interwebs. I think I first saw it on the Leiter Reports. Still, it is freaking hilarious and rings true in some ways similar to at least some of the sentiments here, I think. Perhaps the clip below goes a bit too far, but that is part of how funny/sad/real it is.

    So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities

  7. Shelley, with all due respect, I find it incredibly offensive that you find this clip offensive. Indeed, I find it offensive that *anyone* could find this offensive. I mean really: is that what we’ve come to? Pull the you-know-what out of your you-know what and get a sense of humor. My goodness…

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