Property, Markets, Morality and Men

Another all-male line-up.


18-20 March, University of North Carolina Greensboro


Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester), “Greed and Fear”
Richard Arneson (UC San Diego), “What is Wrong with Working for a Boss?”
Daniel Russell (Wichita State University), “Capabilities, Redistribution, and Ownership”
Michael Munger (Duke University), “Euvoluntary Exchange and the Difference Principle”
Julian Lamont (University of Queensland), “University Education, Economic Rents, and Distributive Justice”

Eric Mack (Tulane University)
Geoffrey Brennan (UNC Chapel Hill / Australian National University)
Jonathan Quong (University of Manchester)
Daniel Shapiro (West Virginia University)
Bas van der Vossen (UNC Greensboro)
This symposium is hosted by the philosophy department at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and the BB&T program in Capitalism, Markets and Morality.

All welcome. Attendance free, but registration required.

To register and for more information, please contact Bas van der Vossen: b_vande2 [at]

A letter has been sent. (Thanks, S and D!)

Call for Collection on Consent

We recently discussed yet another volume that represented a dearth of female authors (not to mention other minority ones). One of the causes mentioned was that collections often represent ‘old boys networks’.

So, here’s a chance to change this: the following call just went out on Philos-L:

“I am preparing a collection of papers in medical ethics which focuses on
the concept of consent, and more especially the kind of consent which a
doctor is required to obtain from his patients before he can treat them.

I should appreciate any suggestions or recommendations of relevant papers
(or book chapters) in print or the internet. Responses to my private e-
mail, please. In due course I will compile a list of titles and make it
available to anyone who may be interested.

Zenon Stavrinides, PhD
University of Leeds

So: everybody think of some suitable papers/chapters written by female/other minority philosophers, and send the suggestions in!!!

( I won’t ask what consent a doctor should obtain from HER patients before she may treat them..)

Important fundraising campaign

A campaign worth supporting:

On January 26, 2011, David Kato was beaten to death in his home. David Kato was an incredibly important and powerful voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Uganda, throughout Africa and across the world. Shortly before his death, he and his colleagues had won a court case against a prominent Ugandan newspaper. The court condemned the paper for publishing the pictures, names and addresses of LGBT people in Uganda alongside hateful captions and calls to violence.

We have set up the David Kato Fundraising Campaign in response to his murder and in order to support his fellow activists in Uganda. We want to ensure that his name is remembered, that his colleagues can continue their important work in Uganda, and that other LGBT people who are at risk of being killed can find protection.

This is why we aim, together with your help, to raise a total of £10,000 (about US $16,000) and to organise talks and other events in order to raise awareness.

Half of the funds raised, £5,000, will be given to David Kato’s organisation, Sexual Minorities Uganda.

The remaining £5,000 will be used to support LGBT refugees from Africa who are forced to flee their home countries because of persecution, violence and threats to their lives. We are working with charitable organisations that have experience in providing specialised support to such LGBT refugees. They will help us ensure that the funds are allocated appropriately – maximising the effect they have on the lives of the individuals in question, while making sure that they are kept safe and that their identities are protected.

This campaign has the official endorsement of Sexual Minorities Uganda. All the people involved in this fundraising campaign are volunteers, and none of the donations are used for any kind of campaign expenses.

To help, go here.

Women in Italy

Woman in Italy are criticising Berslusconi for molding the image of woman. Italy is one of the worst performing countries in Europe for gender equality.

“A central question being debated today is how much Mr. Berlusconi has been responsible for molding the image of women during his 30 years as head of the country’s largest private broadcasting empire.

Girls once dreamed of being on television; now they “think that being an escort is the fastest way to becoming someone, by having access to important men and successful politicians,” said Candida Morvillo, the editor in chief of the glossy gossip weekly Novella 2000 and author of the 2003 book “La Repubblica Delle Veline,” or “Republic of Showgirls.”

Over the years, Mr. Berlusconi has blurred the line between show business and politics, choosing women from his television shows as candidates for the Italian and European Parliaments. One former showgirl, Mara Carfagna, is now equal opportunities minister — and has won plaudits even from critics for promoting gay rights. She is one of 5 women in the 23-member Berlusconi cabinet; 3 are without portfolio and few are seen as setting the agenda.”