Call for Collection on Consent

We recently discussed yet another volume that represented a dearth of female authors (not to mention other minority ones). One of the causes mentioned was that collections often represent ‘old boys networks’.

So, here’s a chance to change this: the following call just went out on Philos-L:

“I am preparing a collection of papers in medical ethics which focuses on
the concept of consent, and more especially the kind of consent which a
doctor is required to obtain from his patients before he can treat them.

I should appreciate any suggestions or recommendations of relevant papers
(or book chapters) in print or the internet. Responses to my private e-
mail, please. In due course I will compile a list of titles and make it
available to anyone who may be interested.

Zenon Stavrinides, PhD
University of Leeds

So: everybody think of some suitable papers/chapters written by female/other minority philosophers, and send the suggestions in!!!

( I won’t ask what consent a doctor should obtain from HER patients before she may treat them..)