The average face of women across the world

I stumbled across this picture, which is being discussed on countless fora with the caption of it being the average face of women across the world (click and click again to enlarge):

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to trace the source, and I have no idea with what kind of methods these “average” faces are arrived at. What is striking is, of course, that it seems that the average woman’s face in any of the named countries is about 20.

A lot of the discussions that I stumbled on when trying to find whence this picture originated dealt with whom of those averages is the hottest. And that brings out the other remarkable thing about this picture and that is that all the faces are beautiful.

Not sure what to think of it, actually, but since this pic is being discussed on hundreds of fora across the world, I thought I would put it up here and have it discussed in a somewhat more enlightening way.

Difficulty accessing healthy foods contributes to childhood obesity

Families where both parents work long hours often have difficulty accessing healthy foods…

“It is not the mother’s employment, but the environment,” says the lead author of the study, Taryn Morrissey, Ph.D., an assistant professor of public administration and policy at American University in Washington, D.C. “There needs to be improved access to healthy foods.”

What? You mean that wasn’t the headline?

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Now they want hospitals to be able to deny life-saving emergency abortions. Go here to sign a petition against it.

The bill would permanently deny abortion coverage to women who rely on the government for health care, including Native Americans, federal employees, women in the military, Peace Corps volunteers, poor women and women in federal prisons.

The bill would effectively eliminate coverage for abortion in the private market by making it more onerous for insurance companies to offer coverage for abortion and by imposing new taxes on businesses and individuals who purchase private health insurance plans that include abortion coverage.

It would change tax laws in order to penalize businesses that offer abortion coverage and prevent women from deducting medical expenses related to abortion care.

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