Difficulty accessing healthy foods contributes to childhood obesity

Families where both parents work long hours often have difficulty accessing healthy foods…

“It is not the mother’s employment, but the environment,” says the lead author of the study, Taryn Morrissey, Ph.D., an assistant professor of public administration and policy at American University in Washington, D.C. “There needs to be improved access to healthy foods.”

What? You mean that wasn’t the headline?

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8 thoughts on “Difficulty accessing healthy foods contributes to childhood obesity

  1. i like how they call it ‘the food hypothesis’–as if the food is the radical alternative hypothesis, whereas mum’s job is the obvious cause to assume.

  2. To me it reads like “the food hypothesis” is supposed to be an explanation for the link between kids weight and mom’s job, not an alternative hypothesis. (The sentence after the “food hypothesis” is mentioned says: “Foods that are the healthiest are often the most expensive and the least accessible, and the healthiest foods are often the most time-consuming to prepare,”.)

    But it’s hard to tell what they’re saying since science reporting and reporting related to gender both tend to be terrible (and this is no exception).

  3. The power of a few words is amazing! And some people only look at the headlines. Imagine the power of those few words….

    and, how time-consuming is it to wash an apple? or boil an egg??jjeesshh!
    c’mon! Driving or walking to McD’s or trying to break into a bag of crisps takes more effort!

  4. davidC, yes you might be right. but yes, the reporting it sooo bad! and despite the quotes from the author of the study and others saying ‘there’s a problem with healthy food availability’, the reporter concludes ‘this is yet anoth piece of evidence in the mounting pile of proof that working mums are the devil’. nice one, huffing ton post!

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