Now they want hospitals to be able to deny life-saving emergency abortions. Go here to sign a petition against it.

The bill would permanently deny abortion coverage to women who rely on the government for health care, including Native Americans, federal employees, women in the military, Peace Corps volunteers, poor women and women in federal prisons.

The bill would effectively eliminate coverage for abortion in the private market by making it more onerous for insurance companies to offer coverage for abortion and by imposing new taxes on businesses and individuals who purchase private health insurance plans that include abortion coverage.

It would change tax laws in order to penalize businesses that offer abortion coverage and prevent women from deducting medical expenses related to abortion care.

Thanks, L!

3 thoughts on “Pro-life??!!

  1. Pity I can’t sign it! I’m French, but I would have gladly supported you. As a woman, I am appalled at seeing such bills being drafted and discussed…
    When will women stop being considered walking womb?

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