“Chipping away abortion rights”

The LA Times editorial today on HR3 is a welcome development in ongoing discussion of a bill designed to play to an electoral base by making health care even more expensive in the USA:

Women would no longer be able to use their tax-saver accounts to pay for abortions because, in Smith’s view, this would constitute a federal subsidy; nor could families with high health insurance expenses deduct those expenses from their taxes if the insurance they buy with their own money includes coverage for abortion — even if they never use the coverage to pay for one. Small businesses, though not large corporations, could no longer deduct the cost of their employee insurance plans if they cover abortion, as 87% of health plans now do.

Conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives seem uninterested in even pretending that they prefer government stay out of local jurisdictional matters; the proposed bill pointedly states that Washington D.C. cannot provide local funds for abortion services, suggesting that if Congress could interfere in other jurisdictions, they certainly would.

Although I am not a fan of online petitions, I notice that the Stop HR3 Petition is gaining attention.  Feel free to check it out!

2 thoughts on ““Chipping away abortion rights”

  1. I think they aren’t going far enough, frankly. I mean, be consistent here! Why not axe all federal benefits, tax-supported pension scheme, tax-payer supported services access, etc to people who *might* have an abortion one day? That is to say, all women? And what about child benefit and state supported education for female children? I mean, imagine the horror if we found out one day that a young girl had an abortion, and the only reason that she managed to get it was that state eduction had taught her to read the abortion leaflet and had educated her to earn her own money to pay for it. GASP!!! No tax-payer funded abortion, I say!

    I really have to have a chat with Limbaugh and/or Palin about this………

    Sorry, rant over.

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