Crimes in Civil rights era: should rape be counted?

The rapes black women suffered are seldom part of the picture of that struggle. Who, for example, knew that Rosa Parks, an NAACP, was a practiced anti-rape crusader?

And the injustice toward a black woman and her family went on unstopped. Who did it could be common knowledge, but that might not sway a panel of white men to indict.

Danielle McGuire, an assistant professor of history at Wayne State University and author of the recently published book At the Dark End of the Street, has addressed the issues, along with specific cases, one of which is discussed in both the links below.

For more see here and here.

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  1. Seeing this post after a few days, I started to worry that the question might not be clearly a rhetorical one. That’s how it was intended. If you’re tempted to answer “no,” do say why.

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