Berlusconi faces the wrath of Italy’s women

Berlusconi allegation triggers protest by women across Italy

“Hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets across Italy on Sunday to demand better treatment for women, days after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi came under investigation for engaging in prostitution with a minor…”

…”Women in this country are denigrated by the repeated, indecent and ostentatious representation of women as a naked sexual object on offer in newspapers, televisions and advertising,” said protest organizer Ida Poletto, a married hotel manager who has two sons. “It’s intolerable.”…

Berlusconi faces the wrath of Italy’s women

2 thoughts on “Berlusconi faces the wrath of Italy’s women

  1. I laughed when the Toronto Star reported that Berlusconi’s allies objected to any criticism of Berlusconi with the accusation that critics wish to deny *women* sexual expression. Ha ha! Right, and when I criticized Bill Clinton for his multiple affairs, I was really just impeding the freedom of the women with whom he had them. Surely I wasn’t criticizing (gasp!) the man! Nope, I’m just a typical woman-tearing-down-women. I really hate women’s freedom. That’s it.

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