Dream big, little girl

So, I was at the mall today (due to an incident involving an iPhone and a pavement), and I wandered through Primark’s children’s section. Initially, I was pleasantly surprised to see PINK cardies in the boys’s section (admittedly, it looks like maybe this is because preppy is coming back, but I’ll take what I can get). Feeling good, I took a photo (which didn’t come out very well). The good feeling lasted about 30 seconds, as I turned to see this one, in the girls’ section.

[T-shirt reads “Future Footballers Wife”]


10 thoughts on “Dream big, little girl

  1. Gender politics aside, I’m puzzled by the grammar on this one. I suppose that the possessive apostrophe is implicit, but then it reads as if the girl is already married to a boy who will be a footballer.

    “Future time travellers wife” would be a better t-shirt.

  2. There’s got to be a whole world of subtle sabotage we could go in for.

    On Valentine’s Day I got two cupcakes each with pink plastic rings with large hearts of them. A couple of dozen placed strategically with boys’ wear might convey radical ideas.

    A reason for checking out a party goods stores…

  3. Following up: from a site that sells plastic party favors, 12 plastic butterfly rings for $2.99:

    One Dozen Butterfly Party Plastic Butterfly Ring Party Favors. Great for little hands, these 1″ butterfly rings are perfect to let little girls imaginations fly away! 6 beautiful colors are included in each assortment and the iridescent shimmer makes them extra fun! Kids will love sharing these plastic rings with friends at slumber parties, playing dress up or just for fun.

    Think what they could do for little boys!

  4. infriggingcredible. …tho it does, at least, spell out a more concrete plan than the ubiquitous ‘gold digger’ girls’ tee…

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